Hi Peter, Patrick and others,

I’ve just joined. Thanks for inviting me. I haven’t got around to reading much here yet, but will do. So, here is the latest on what I am currently up to, in no particular order.

*  Have contacted TV stations re possibly accompanying me on the 7th October or shortly after, when taking second complaint to Ombudsman. Will let you know how it goes.

*  Have emailed Greg Hunt and advised that he stop using the terms carbon pollution and carbon emissions, as I have a formal complaint to the OM about that. He responded shortly after with the word noted. It will be interesting to see if he continues to use those terms or not. Please let me know if you hear anything.

*  I’m adding the email addresses of the editors of  academic alarmist journals for future use in public letters.

*  I also posted on Monkton’s petition that “why is the IPCC spouting 96% confidence etc etc when I have an audio ( PB’s) actually where Will Steffen quoted either 70 or 75% probability. I think we have some pretty damning evidence. What should we do with it?  We could put it up on youtube and tweet that it is there. Also I could mention to these TV stations or one of the newspapers that we have it.

*  My future goals are to pressure for change in the High School science curriculum as it is about 40 years behind the times, which suits the alarmists. They have dumbed down a generation or more of young australians under the patronage of Chubb.

*  I also want to apply pressure regarding either privatising totally changing the management structure at the ABC. i’m going to write letter to papers re this. However, I don’t see what would be the problem with a petition signing, as Monkton did.  I could use my Facebook page.  What does the group think of that idea.

So what is everybody else up to. Can I help in any way.

Realising that we are all individuals it will be fun to help and support each other.









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